1Gen DSM Pedal Assembly “Bronze” Bushings (5pcs)


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Those bushings are a replacement for the stock 1gen DSM pedal assembly. Fits 1990 to 1994 Eclipse/Talon/Laser
The clutch one is needed when you want to get rid of the play by welding the arm lever that is giving you a hell of a time to adjust the clutch master cylinder. Could also be the reason you’re grinding gear if that lever arm has too much play !
This kit include
– 2 Bronze bushings that goes on the “clutch shaft” (MB534211 near the pedal and MB058634 near the lever)
– 2 Bronze bushings that goes on the brake pedal (MB534210)
– 1 Bronze bushing for the arm where you connect the clutch master cylinder fork. (MB555171)
Material is : 932 Bearing bronze rod
Weight : ? Gram for a set of 5
*Notes you must read :
– Just like the shifter arm bushing you need to understand that the clutch shaft needs to be clean or it wont work. You’ll need to deburr where it has 2 flat or the bushing wont pass. I used a small file and it worked great on both assembly I tested.
– If a bushing end up too loose on the OD for your taste cause your assembly is out of spec you could always use some green or red Loctite but please assemble everything and check the play you’re ending with before thinking it might be too much, you’ll be surprise how it all tighten together once assemble.
– Once installed be sure to confirm both pedals move without any resistance !
*** Those bushing are “slide fit” and NOT “press fit”, it was the only way to make sure they would fit all assembly cause dimensions change a bit from one pedal assembly to the other. One thing I guarantee is that you’ll end with a tighter assembly, a happier transmission and a smile on your face ! ***
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