1G/2G DSM Timing Tensioner “Oilite” Bushing (2pcs)


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Made to use with OEM Mount, if you have a billet unit from BulletProof Racing you’ll need to send me a PM cause there’s 0.0015-0.0020″ difference in diameter on the shaft. Can’t offer a product with 0.0005-0.0010″ play if there’s a difference on the shaft. OEM shaft is ground to 20.00mm on the 3 units I have here. OEM bushings have a play around 0.0030-0.0035″ when new so using the billet mount + new OEM bushing is already a good upgrade but worn bushing on OEM mount can reach up to 0.007″ or more play. The more play you have the more the tensioner pulley will push the timing belt outside the gears …
Those bushings are made to use with MD195094 (for 6 bolts DSM) with tighter tolerance to get rid of the play. I designed them to end with 0.0005″ to 0.001″ of play on the shaft once pressed in the tensioner.
Can be use with MN119896, MD170402 and MD322226 ( 90 to 99 DSM , 96-06 Mitsubishi Evolution )
Material is : Oilite
Weight : ?
*Some Notes :
I do understand this product might be more needed for 1g since the tensioner is obsolete vs 2g and Evo. I also understand that back in the days you could order a complete unit for less BUT mine are made from oilite and that ain’t cheap stuff so this product just isn’t for everyone.
Material has been ordered to run a batch of 40 kits, don’t know if we’ll run other batch cause like you know I ain’t no “real DSM shop” and have to back the money up front to reduce shipping time … Not making real money out of those kit either so I just hope it will help those in need for a set.


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